Love Today….


Ok so I really have to stop going to Barnes & Noble. When they know who I am by name when I walk in the store I think I’m spending WAY too much time in there! But I LOVE it!!! This Week I got 2 new books (hardcover mind you, so not cheap)….I got Sophie Kinsella‘s new book Twenties Girl….Which is AWESOME!!!! and I also got Lauren Conrad‘s Book (The girl from The Hills, in case you’ve been living under a rock ) L.A. Candy. I must say I do love my job as it allows me to read and be paid for it!

Today I finished Twenties Girl and I love it! I had a very hard time putting it down! Whenever someone would call I didn’t want to talk to them (mind you sometimes I just don’t want to talk to any of the customers that call in sometimes) I just wanted to keep on reading.

I haven’t started Reading L.A. Candy yet but as soon…because I don’t have the ambition to do homework right now….I do have to get some of it done though…can’t afford to keep dropping and not completing classes.