Tutorial: button Making (Mine is for Survivor)

This is how I make buttons. I have 2 sizes. The big one for the main area and then the little for the sidebars. I also have all my patterns now that you can download here

screenshotStep 1: Create a new file in Photoshop or wherever (photopshop or elements will prob work best)

Step 2: Open all the files or pictures that you are going to use to make it and drag them to your button file. After doing that shrink them or arrange them how you want them to look.

Right now since I have 3 pics I have 4 diff layers. The background and each pic have there own layer

Now you have to merge them all together to do this next step (well at least for mine you do)

make sure you only select the pictures. You’ll end up with layers looking like this

see I only have 2 layers now.

Now since I want a tiger print behind my pics I drew a box slightly bigger than my picture layer and then filled it with a tiger pattern and added a drop shadow

Then to make the picture layer stand out more I added some bevel & embossing & added an outer glow

Next I added a stroke in the tiger pattern around the inside of the background layer. You’ll have to double click the background layer to unlock it.

Now I added text. I just wrote it out little by little and then rotated it to fit and go around the picture

With the text I added a color overlay in white, a black dropshadow and then an orange stroke to make it pop

Now to make the smaller version. go to Image — Image size and enter these dimensions or whatever you choose. I think that the 175 fits within the smallest sidebar.

Tada! Big Button and Small Button!

Now if you wanna have the html showing below the small button use this code replacing where it says to.

Replace the red text. Email me if you want me to email you the code so you can copy and paste

There ya Go. That is how I make my buttons!