To Do This Week:

While dad is on vacation this week, I’m finally going to finish my room. Which means that after just over 2 years of not having any actual flooring in room, I’m finally gonna have carpet! The people who owned the house before us GLUED the carpet (no pad, just carpet) to the nice hardwood flooring, so I have this old dried glue that collects dirt and dog hair like crazy! Like last week I shop-vaced my entire floor and got all the dirt off that I could, 2 days later super dirty again.

Also I’m going to paint my room. Now that’s a little more involved than just painting since my room had one wall of ugly metallic stripped wallpaper, I tore that down a few years ago. Now I’m left with the backing attached the walls. So I have to take that down. Clean my walls and vacuum the corners and double check to make sure that all holes are covered. (nasty little bugs keep getting in my room. and by bugs i mean earwigs. I just found one crawling on my floor and now I can’t sleep cause where there is one I’m pretty sure there are more so now I can’t sleep. Ewww) and then paint.

I also have to take down my ceiling fan (which hasn’t come down and gotten cleaned in awhile), take it outside and scrub it clean. Also hopefully talk dad into letting me spray paint it black. (a black ceiling fan would totally go with tan walls right?)

Plus I have to work on designs!