Super Excited!!

This weekend is my Aunt’s birthday and normally her family just gets a bunch of hotel rooms and go swimming but this wear it’s a family event!! We (and by we I mean my aunts and uncles and my parents, What? you thought I was paying for part of it? lol) hired Kirby hills ranch to come and take us on a sleigh ride!! My family has a HUGE chunk of land up in Crivitz and thats where the family cottage is. I love it up there, it’s always so much fun when there are a ton of us up there. It’s like my grandpa’s house it just seems to grow and expand when everyone is there. And believe me we have a BIG family. I have 7 Aunts and Uncles on my mom’s side which makes 8 kids and they all have kids and my cousins have kids. So yeah BIG Family. But this weekend we’re all getting together upnorth to go sledding, have bonfires in the woods and go on a super fun sleigh ride! But before that happens I need to make my little cousins Emma, Ava and Adrienne their hats that I’ve been promising since Christmas, I need to make mine and my cousin Allie’s Headbands and I need to finish my other little cousin’s American Doll hats and their matching hats. It’s alot of work but they’re going to be so cute when they’re done!! I promise to take pics and show you guys next week!

I probably won’t be around on here very much (not like I have been anyhow lol) but I’m always on twitter and I’ll be working on designs for ZD and probably complaining about my parents on facebook  

And if you haven’t already don’t forget to check out mine, jenn and amanda‘s etsy shop! Lots of cute stuff and more on the way!!

And I promise if you comment I’ll be sure to stop by and check out your blog and actually comment!!