Warm Winter Secret Swap Recap

So you may remember back in Nov/Dec me and Amanda held our Warm Winter Secret Swap Secret Santa Style. Well we’re just getting around to showing off our awesome stuff and telling who the partners were.

Shortly before Christmas I received my Swap Package and when I opened it I was so excited because I got this really really cute Penguin Mug plus some Hot chocolate and Candy Cane Stir Sticks.

I bet you wanna know who your partner was (of course some of you know already because your partner told you who they were)

Joanna S -> Jenn B.

Bridget S ->Amber L

Noelle K -> Bridget S

Jenn B. -> Stacey R

Meg H -> Joanna S

Shannon L> Noelle K

Carolina M – > Meg H

Stacey R -> Shannon L

Amanda B – > Carolina M

Angel S. -> Jenna K

Jenna K -> Christina E

Christina E -> Jacquie G

Jacquie G -> Stephanie G

Stephanie G -> Amanda B

Amber L -> Adrienne S.

Adrienne S -> Kori B

Kori B -> Angel S.

If you participated in the swap with us and wrote up a blog post on what you got from your secret santa you can link it up here for everyone to read

We just want to thank everyone who participated it was so much fun! We will def being doing this again in the future. If you never received your package please let us know!