I’m a Movin to WORDPRESS!!!

Thats right you saw that correctly!! I’m gonna move to WordPress! Me, who never ever thought I’d jump ship and go to WordPress. But that was before I joined the Design Network on Facebook (a place where I get to hang out with all my cool designer peeps and learn cool tricks, cause we’re cool and exclusive like that) and saw all the super duper fun and cool wordpress things I can do!!

Also I’m not the only one!! Last night me, Jenn and Amanda started working on getting Amanda all set up for the big move!! (it’s not as scary when your not going through it alone, even if I’m going to have to move 2 blogs and she only has to move one).  I’m sooo excited!!!!

You guys! your giving me the sads!! No one wants to donate stuff to my super awesomely cool birthday giveaway!! Come on! Amanda is donating Scentsy and I’ll do stuff from Cozy Crafters and maybe Zany Dezines.  Please Donate!! Also since the giveaway will be in ONE WEEK if you guys blog about it and let me know I’ll give you 10 extra entries. Send me super awesome birthday presents and/or cards and you’ll get 50!! ok ok you don’t have to send me presents but I will give you extra entires if you want to .  I love getting cards for my birthday so even if you just wanna send me a card for funies you can ask me what my address is and I’ll give it to you (or if you wanna make it super de dooper special you can get it from Amanda