Booyah {Recipe}

Booyah is a staple here in Wisconsin during the summer. If you see a sign for a church picnic 99% of the time you can be sure to find them selling Booyah.

When I saw that this weeks theme for Share a spoon was to feed and army I knew that this was perfect! In fact I was gonna share it during soups week but I kinda forgot. lol. Which works out well because this will definitely feed an army. Usually if we make the full recipe mom can usually freeze half or more and we will still have leftovers. Plus it can easily be made smaller or larger depending on how much you want to make. Plus this cannot get any easier to make!


1 gal water 3 lbs chicken 1 soup bone 1 1/2 lbs beef 1 lb celery 1 lb carrots 1 lb onion 1 lb cabbage 2 lbs red potatoes 2 pints (16oz) tomato juice 1/4 tsp seasoning salt 1/2 tps pepper 3/4 tsp salt

Mix Together and Boil

And if you want just chicken or beef just subtract one or the other

Also if you have any other veggies laying around that you want to use up feel free to throw them in. It’s really hard to mess up booyah and there are soo many different ways of making it that you can just make it your own!