Random Ramblings

Holy Crap! I can’t believe I haven’t blogged in like 2 weeks!!  And since I’m sooo far behind on EVERYTHING I’d thought I’d just quick post with what I’ve been up to.


Zany Dezines is Officially Moved to WP!! We had a little snafu when the site was down for 2 days after the transfer was complete which means my email was down with it since it was through google apps (blogger) too. But I’m all back up and running now I just have to finish putting the pages together

I’m soo far behind on Designs which is partly why I’ve been MIA lol.

I’m transferring Schools! Right now I’m going to the local Tech School but I have to re-enroll in my program and I’m not guaranteed financial aid {which is need really really bad!} and I don’t wanna have to go to classes. So I’m going to go to the University of Pheonix online


It Snowed this week like really heavy wet packy stuff {snowman snow!} and the power flashed {went out and came right back} like 4 times!

see! it made the trees surrounding our patio bend over!

I got a nook for my birthday {ok so this is prob old news by now lol} and I got this super awesome case for it that I’m going to show off when I get a chance! lol

I got to meet Anne today! She lives here in GB like me and we’ve been trying to get together for months now! lol

oh and My cousin’s Adopted a baby girl who I get to meet on Saturday! I’m so excited!! I made her 4 hats and I won a ribbon soft book and some burp cloths from the Handmade with Love Giveaway a few months ago from Garillyn that I’m giving to her


I think that it’s for now! lol


What have you been up to while I was MIA?