How To: Strawberry Freezer Jam

You may remember awhile back I posted the recipe for Strawberry Freezer jam and said that it was the BEST THING EVER! well last weekend I went strawberry picking with my aunt and uncle and then on sunday we made jam. And I’m telling you this stuff is so easy to make! In fact the recipe that I posted last year is so totally wrong! lol.

What you need:

A couple boxes (we used 2 boxes for 1 flat of strawberries) of Ball Instant Fruit Pectin (you can find it at Walmart by the canning stuff)

Strawberries (at least a few flats)

Small Jars w/ lids and rings


Creating the Freezer Jam:

The Night before Throw all your Jars (including the Rings and lids) in the dishwasher and make sure it’s set to Heated Dry, Heated Wash and Sanitize. (especially if your like me and your jars are covered in dust from sitting in the basement)

The Day you make them (I would suggest doing it the day you pick them or the next day but don’t wait too long)  Wash and cut the tops off all the strawberries.

once we were done rinsing them we put them in a strainer to make sure all the extra water didn’t make the jam to runny

Once done throw them in a big bowl (or a pot like we did) and mash the crap out of them till they’re the consistency that you want. We did it so that there weren’t alot of big chunks in them.

Then grab another bowl, the sugar, the pectin, a spoon, a laddle and a few jars and Follow the directions on the bag of pectin to create the jam.

Once jam is ready, laddle into jars and then cover and let sit 30 min before eating or freezing.

Repeat till you run out of strawberries or jars or till you get as many as you want. If you have leftover strawberries mash the crap out of them and then put them in freezer bags to be used later as Shortcake Topping or for Margaritas (cause Margarita’s with fresh fruit are the BEST!)

Once you have fresh strawberry Freezer jam you’ll never buy the store stuff again. Bonus is that if you make enough it’ll last you till next year

Unless of course you’re like us and eat it like it’s going out of style lol