I’m too tired to come up with a good title

and it’s because i was up late late last night/early this morning because I have math homework due today and umm I thought I was further along but it turns out I really wasn’t and I had messed up on a bunch of the stuff because I was doing a completely different unit assignment (whoops!).  But I’m having so much fun in my design class that I thought I’d show you the 2 assignments that I’ve done so far!

Our first Assignment was to create an avatar and we had to use at least 2 colors, a font, and 2 elements (that can be from anywhere) and since I love my girl so much I used her and I’m going to make my background Zebra (I just haven’t gotten to that point yet) I used a Zebra Print.

And this week we had to make a mutant animal. So I chose 2 super cute pictures. one of a tiger and one of a snow leopard and I combined them!