I swear I didn’t abandon you!

holy crap it’s been almost a month since I last posted? I so didn’t realize!! I’m still around I’ve just been a little slacking in the blogging department.

what have I been up to?

Well I made lots of fun new hats and I’ll post pics of them all when I’m done with the last batch.

I got a new baby cousin named Josie! She’s so cute!! I have pics of her but I can’t seem to find my camera at the moment to show you.

I’ve been busy spending my last and final credit card payment  on christmas presents (oops!!) and now I’m trying to earn it all back before this weekend.  {Only $270} left to go!  You can help out by buying blog designs {half off through the month of december!! Plus a super special present for buying WordPress http://zanydezines.com}

I kinda want to change my design but I don’t know what I want to change it to…. Should I keep the girl i have now or should i go back to the one that I had custom made? What do you think?


Well thats all for now, I have to go back to working on hats that I need to have shipped out by wed!

What have you been up to? I promise I’ll be a better blogger after christmas, you know when I have more time lol