Ten on Tuesday

This week I’m linking up with Linny’s Vault

1. I get my school refund check this week finally!!

2. I’m sooo sooo sick of my stupid phone not working right so I’m taking some of my school money and I’m going to go get a Smart Phone!

3. I’m buying Dawson’s Creek: The Complete Series this week

4. I may be a little lax in posting this week because I have designs to work on and homework to do

5. I’m still having a scentsy party (link over there –>) you should really buy stuff from me so that I can get free stuff

6. I’m super excited for the BDN twitter party tonight at 8 CST. Join us and learn all sorts of tips and tricks for your blog.

7. I’m not liking my blog design anymore so I’ve started to redo it and I love it so far!

8. I had so much fun at the Craft Show last week sat! I can’t wait to do more next year!

9. Dad finally caved and we got wifi this weekend!

10. Meg, my cousin Nicole and I are planning a Giveaway Hop for our birthdays in March! Keep watch for more info about it!