An Old Love and a New Fav

I used to Love Dawson’s Creek when it was on TV originally and I haven’t seen it since it went off air in 2003. So when I was looking on Amazon for a new series to buy and saw that I could get the Entire Series on DVD for only $30 I jumped at the chance and while I had borrowed the first 2 seasons from a friend I started watching the series at season 3 when it arrived last week. Since it arrived I’ve been watching it non stop and I have to say that it has become a favorite again. Even when I realized that they had changed the theme song starting in the third season, which really annoyed me at first. I’ve grown to love the theme song and I can’t seem to stop watching this show and it’s become my new addiction.

Last week I had movie night with an old friend who even though we only live a few min away from each other we only get together every few months. So I made a quick stop at walmart on my way over to her house and picked up some snacks and new movie. A movie that I’d been wanting to see in theaters but never got around to it and I didn’t even realize it had come out. What’s your number has quickly become my new fav movie. It’s quirky and fun, and most importantly it’s funny.