A Warning about AVG Virus Protection

On sunday we had family over for a fish fry so naturally we had mom and dad’s computer on and they had been looking at bulldozer parts when dad clicked on a link and all of sudden he had a virus on the computer. Now we had been using AVG Virus Protection (The paid version) on all of the windows computers, so of course you would think we would be protected from this sort of thing. Turns out that the virus was a fast moving one because with in about an hour or 2 we didn’t even have control over the computer anymore. We had called my cousin who knows about this kind of stuff and he told us to download this program online and put it on a flash drive and then start the other computer in safe mode and run that program. That was supposed to kill the virus and fix the computer only at that point the computer was too far gone and the program wouldn’t work.

So dad unplugged the computer and unplugged the internet from it. On Monday he called AVG support and was told that if he wanted them to fix the problem he had to buy a program from them and if he wanted to talk to tech support they were going to charge him. I thought that if you purchased virus protection software from someone that if something should ever happen you would have tech support included. So if you have AVG don’t expect them to do anything if you should get a virus on your computer.

Also I had a flash drive plugged into their computer when they got this virus. I don’t want to plug it into my computer and then have it kill mine. Because I have an iMac and I really don’t want to kill it. Does anyone know if it’s possible for the virus to be on my flash drive?