Don’t Forget!!!

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I’ve been super busy this week but I promise that I will post again soon! We have the sleigh ride and maple syrup making this weekend so there will be posts about that next week. don’t forget to like my facebook page to keep up to date with me and watch for the giveaway that will be happening soon! I haven’t decided on a date but I think I’m going to make it a birthday one so it will be at the end of March


Yay Snow!!

So I’ve been complaining like all winter that we haven’t really had snow and it never really felt like winter except for a few days when it was super cold. Well it’s finally gonna freakin snow!! Just look at this forecast for the rest of the week! If this is true then we’ll have plenty of snow for the sleigh ride on saturday!

Weekend Updates

I finished the star blanket and the giraffe hat for Cassie’s Shower on Sat

Watched some fun commercial between the game on sunday

I also created my first FB timeline cover and mini moo cards that match my new blog design (that I will be debuting soon!)

An Old Love and a New Fav

I used to Love Dawson’s Creek when it was on TV originally and I haven’t seen it since it went off air in 2003. So when I was looking on Amazon for a new series to buy and saw that I could get the Entire Series on DVD for only $30 I jumped at the chance and while I had borrowed the first 2 seasons from a friend I started watching the series at season 3 when it arrived last week. Since it arrived I’ve been watching it non stop and I have to say that it has become a favorite again. Even when I realized that they had changed the theme song starting in the third season, which really annoyed me at first. I’ve grown to love the theme song and I can’t seem to stop watching this show and it’s become my new addiction.

Last week I had movie night with an old friend who even though we only live a few min away from each other we only get together every few months. So I made a quick stop at walmart on my way over to her house and picked up some snacks and new movie. A movie that I’d been wanting to see in theaters but never got around to it and I didn’t even realize it had come out. What’s your number has quickly become my new fav movie. It’s quirky and fun, and most importantly it’s funny.


Ten on Tuesday

This week I’m linking up with Linny’s Vault

1. I get my school refund check this week finally!!

2. I’m sooo sooo sick of my stupid phone not working right so I’m taking some of my school money and I’m going to go get a Smart Phone!

3. I’m buying Dawson’s Creek: The Complete Series this week

4. I may be a little lax in posting this week because I have designs to work on and homework to do

5. I’m still having a scentsy party (link over there –>) you should really buy stuff from me so that I can get free stuff

6. I’m super excited for the BDN twitter party tonight at 8 CST. Join us and learn all sorts of tips and tricks for your blog.

7. I’m not liking my blog design anymore so I’ve started to redo it and I love it so far!

8. I had so much fun at the Craft Show last week sat! I can’t wait to do more next year!

9. Dad finally caved and we got wifi this weekend!

10. Meg, my cousin Nicole and I are planning a Giveaway Hop for our birthdays in March! Keep watch for more info about it!

Weekend Updates

Last week my cousin Nicole talked me into doing the Rummage/Craft Sale at Creations Galore  this week sat. So I spent the weekend making new things to bring with me!

If you’re in the Green Bay Area you have to stop by the Sale on Sat and check it all out, I think it’s going to be soo much fun!!

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My Current Obsession

Normally while I’m sitting here at my computer working I like to watch movies or hulu or whatever and lately I’ve been watching Gilmore Girls. I borrowed the Complete Series from a friend and I’ve been watching it non stop for days. I’m on Season 6 and I’m pretty sure I’m gonna be done in the next few days. I went through the last disc of season 5 and the first 2 discs of season 6 yesterday alone! the poor DVR is feeling so neglected!

This series is going on my to buy list!  I Love this show and I haven’t watched it in a few years and I’d forgotten just how much I love it!

Newest Craft Project

My cousin Cassie is having a little boy and her baby shower is in Feb and I decided to make her one of the cute star blankets that I have the pattern for. I went with a super cute baby blue and charcoal gray.

I also just finished 2 elf hats and 2 teddy bear hats for a local photographer that took our family pics

Help Cozy Crafters get to 100 Fans on FB!!

In case you didn’t know I have an etsy shop where I sell things I crochet. We’re almost to 100 fans on Facebook and what better way to get over 100 than too have a REFERRAL CONTEST!!

It’s easy! Just tell your friends to go like the Cozy Crafters page and then write on the wall that you sent them! Easy Peasy!!

Who ever refers the most people by Jan 5 will win an Elf hat (you pick the size and colors)! They are soo super cute on babies and they work great for photography props! This is one of the 2 that I’m making for Images by Casi.

If we get over 125 fans I’ll giveaway another hat of your choice to the 2nd highest refer!

Ornament Swap

I got my ornaments from Katie’s Ornament shop a few weeks ago. They are soo cute!!! Once we put up the little tree downstairs I immediately had to put them on the tree

My Partner was Madeline from Sunshine and Peanuts

I got This cute little blue glitter tree w/ bells that never made it onto the tree cause it sits on my computer instead

2 of these cute little candy shaped ornaments

2 cute green butterflies

A fun blue penguin!

A Blue Glitter Deer

and a cute stuffed penguin

This swap so so much fun!! I love giving and getting new ornaments