True Life: I’m a General Blogger!

I’m a 24 year old full time student. I’m going to school for web design and in order to make some money on the side I design blogs over at Zany Designs, come on over and visit!

I have an adorable puppy named Cali who is so goofy and cuddly. (she’s also a pillow and blanket hog lol) She’s a chimpmunk hunting bird dog who loves to sleep, cuddle and play.

So thanks for dropping by my little corner of the world! Don’t forget that ZD is a Mini Sponosor of the BDN at BlogHer which means that there is a sale going on right now for 20% all blog designs! And also if your at BlogHer if you get a pic of the bdn business card then you get a special discount!

I hope you follow along! Don’t forget to leave your little url in the box where it asks for it so I can stop by!

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