Easter Egg Wars

For easter we go to my Aunt’s house for tons food and a super fun easter egg hunt. Now this isn’t a normal easter egg hunt. This is a full out war! The Eggs are hollow and filled with confetti and then hid around the yard and no one is allowed in the yard till it’s time. Of course you can see most of the them from the porch and kitchen window but the fun part about it is that when you find an egg you have to smash it on someone’s head and then rub it in (you gotta rub it in to make it stick lol). The only rule is that the big kids cannot just push the little kids out of the way.

First You Smash it on their Head and then you rub it in

You are not supposed to try and do it to the little dogs though (like my brother is doing here) lol

Tyler Found a Snake instead of an Egg.

We had so much fun and soo much food! But it’s like that every holiday with my family lol.