It’s Game day!!

I didn’t redo my nails to make them Packer colors I will forsure be sporting my awesomely cute Packer Earrings that I got recently from Beautiful Lanyards.

for the record this is not what I wear on game days, I wear my adorable packer shirt from the jersey store. this was just a reg work day

They make you want a pair in your team color don’t they? Well good news! You have a chance to win your very own pair in your team colors right now!! You can do Football or Baseball in the team of choice



Breakfast With a Packer

This morning I got to go to Lambeau and have Breakfast with a Packer thanks to Klout. It was so much fun! I brought my friend kim with me and we met up with Anne. We got to hear Jarrett Bush talk about being a Packer and then we got to take pictures and get autographs.

Super Fancy Plates!

Talking about what it’s like to be a packer and about his career so far.

Me and Kim

Waiting in line for our picture and autograph

Me with Jarrett Bush (and yes this is a picture of a picture lol)

Kim and Jarrett Bush


We are the STATE CHAMPS!!!!!! This is the FIRST time in School history that we’ve ever had a STATE CHAMP football team!! It was so great to be apart of and such an awesome game!!! We Played Catholic Memorial Crusaders a Private School from around Milwaukee and we SHUT THEM DOWN!!!!! 35-0. I am so proud of them and it was such a fun game! Granted I froze my butt off but it was well worth it lol. And they were greeted in the festival (grocery store) parking lot (where they go after every win to do they’re “phantom jacks” and cheer) by the fire trucks and Ambulance which let them to the highschool with the Parents and fans following behind. When we go to the highschool the stands were jam packed full of people and there were speeches and pictures and I froze some more lol.