bull-smokerI saw this at a Hardware Store in Townsend (upnorth) last July. It’s a Smoker and the Smoke comes out it’s nose. It’s actually very cool.

Recently I was inspired to write about what makes me happy, actually about 10 things in particular, by the blog rockstar diaries.
10 Things That Make Me Really Happy

1. The First Big Snowfall of the Season

2. Getting New Books

3. Fishing at 6 am

4. Campfires

5. Playing with Sparklers or Fireworks in General

6. The first 40 degree day at the end of winter/beginning of spring

7. 4 Day Weekends Up North in Lakewood (Guaranteed at least 1 or 2 days of 6 am fishing)

8. Homemade Choc Chip Cookies/Cookie Dough

9. Sunsets on the Lake

10. Lakewood, WI