Deer Hunting

Deer Hunting starts on Saturday and for as long as i can remember there were always 2 songs that played on the radio only this time of year.


Trust me these songs are crazy dumb but hilarious, especially when you only hear them for about 2 weeks a year lol. I’ve never actually gone looking for the music videos till now and I think it’s hard to do but the videos make the songs dumber.


Deer Hunting Part 2

As promised to Meeko over at The Ramblings of a Disgruntled Secretary here are the pics of the 10 point buck that is running around up north. Sadly nobody got deer this year, everyone saw plenty of does but no one had a doe tag and they could only shoot bucks. The only bucks any one saw were on the trail camera. There is one buck that is at the feeder almost everynight. He only has one antler, so he’s a 3 pointer. I’ve come to consider him the pet deer of the family, even though next year he’ll have more antlers but hopefully I’ll be able to figure out which one he is. I named him Triad. Below are pics of the woods around our cabin and from inside the cabin. Also there are pics of the deer that come to the feeder.