Make Your Own Dog Food!

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Worried about your dog’s food with all the recent dog food recall scares? Why not make your own!

By making your own dog food you can save money and feed your dog less processed food. Making Homemade dog food is possible without sacrificing the nutrients your dogs need to live healthy lives.

Ready to try it? Check out the Easy cooked dog food recipe from Homemade dog food. This recipe follows the Once A Month Cooking method. Once made you can freeze it you can take it out use it as needed.

When you are ready to serve it you add the supplements that are purchased from the website. Without the supplements, this recipe is basically a meat loaf and will result in multiple nutritional deficiency diseases.

This recipe makes approximately 48 cups of dog food.  By using this recipe and feeding your dog Homemade dog food you are taking out the processed part to ensure your dog is eating food that is good for them.

When introducing your dog to the new food be sure to do so in stages so that you don’t end up with a mess all over your house.

Ready to learn more? Watch the video here and check out the Easy cooked dog food recipe on their blog.