Sleigh Ride

This past weekend we all went upnorth for a Sleigh ride. We have a HUGE property up in Crivitz so it’s perfect to hire someone to come do sleigh rides. We had so much fun! We had a big bonfire in the woods, there was sledding and snowmobiling and of course the sleigh ride. It was so nice this weekend too which made it all the better, there was a little light snow in the afternoon and into the night and it was warm during the day. The little kids got to drive the sleigh and the dogs even got to come on the ride with us. Kirby Ranch was there was for most of the afternoon and we just went in rounds on the trail. Some hitched a ride out to the bonfire, some hitched a ride back to the house from the bonfire. We didn’t have the bonfire that far out in the woods but it was still a lot to walk back and forth through the snow while wearing heavy boots, snow pants, winter jackets and sometimes even kids or dogs lol.

I really hope we do this more than just once every few years, it was alot of fun and I want to do it again!


A Warm Winter Secret Swap

Do you love warm drinks on a cold night? Then this is perfect for you! Sign up  below and be matched up a “secret partner” for our winter drink swap ala “Secret Santa” style.

Amanda and I had so much fun with our Summer Glass and Recipe Swap that we are bringing it back, but this time with a winter theme. Additionally, instead of just having partners, we are going to have a Secret Santa swap (you won’t know who sent your package until the end!)

{if you grab the code from here don’t worry it’ll be the small version to fit in your sidebar}

We are swapping one mug and the ingredients for your favorite recipe (obviously liquid items can’t be shipped…maybe throw in a $5 gift card to Wal-Mart?)

So here is the deal:

Sign up! You have until November 20th to fill out the forms on either one of our blogs. The forms are the same so you only have to fill it out once!

By November 23rd Amanda and I will go through and send you the name of the person you are sending to. Remember, this is Secret Santa style, so please don’t let them know you have them!

Start thinking about the recipe and ingredients you want to send as well as the mug. We are setting a firm deadline of December 10th to have everything sent off. That is about two weeks to do your shopping and should still give plenty of time for the items to get there.

When you get your package, please dedicate a blog post to what you received from your Secret Santa! We will have an on-going linky and then a reveal for your Secret Santa!