There are some days…

….Where I LOVE my job!

Today was great so I may have only worked like 6 of the 10 hours but I had a blast while I was there. Kim was goofy, and reading her notes out loud in a weird voice. We were goofing off and telling stories, Kim was bored so she was looking at the pictures on my camera from the Lakewood Zoo and then we went to MCD for McFlurries (free from Monopoly!) and hung out. The customers I talked to today were great (for the most part), you can read more about the customers who don’t listen here. Overall I had a blast at work today. Believe me not all days are like that, there are some days when we’re in que in all day long and it can make for a really long day, especially when they’re angry upset customers who don’t get what they want. Like one lady today called her cc company and claimed that her reservation was fraud because she got a htl further away than she wanted it to be. But overall it was fun (especially since that call lasted all of 3 min because she wouldn’t let us explain how it worked)